Karl Gillingham
Karl Gillingham
6'3"  305 lbs
Northfield, MN
Strongman Histroy:
Karl is one of the most consistent strongmen in the United States.  Having been in
the sport since the mid 1990’s, he is one of the elder statesmen among a pack of up
and coming lions.  Karl places in the top three spots of national level events on a
regular basis.
Did You Know?
Karl has quiet a pedigree for the sport of Strongman.  His father is Gale Gillingham,
who played for the Green Bay Packers and who also owns Super Bowl rings from
Super Bowl’s I & II.  

Karl’s brother Brad Gillingham is a 2-time IPF Powerlifting World Champion, who tips
the scales at 330 lbs. and has squatted & deadlifted over 860 lbs.

Another Gillingham brother is Wade Gillingham.  Wade is well known internationally
for his feats of grip strength.  Wade can pinch two 45 lb. plates together and even
pass them behind his back!