XTREME STRONGMAN it’s athletes, and Peter Carson
Productions with Jim Davis, always make sure they involve
kids in some way for every event.  

This year, XTREME STRONGMAN is honored to be
working with the St. Charles Chapter of the
Foster Care & Adoption Association (MFCAA)

The MFCAA provides support and training for St. Charles
County foster/adoptive parents.  

Some of their membership activities include:

•        Monthly support group
•        Approved training hours
•        A Spring fling party
•        Annual picnic
•        Christmas party
•        Giving tree
•        Special events (XTREME STRONGMAN 2006)
Jesse Marunde, as with many of the STRONGMAN
athletes, is at home just being one of the kids.
The goal of the Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association is to better serve the lives of children in foster care in St.
Charles County, by:

•        Educating the public and eliciting support
•        Improving communication between foster/adoptive parents and other support persons and agencies.
•        Uniting various organizations and addressing the needs of adoptive and foster care children in a cooperative way
•        Effecting legislative changes benefiting foster and adopted children

Some of the hosted activities for this year’s XTREME STRONGMAN event include:
•        A “meet and greet” with the kids
•        Select kids will be chosen to act as honorary coaches for the XTREME STRONGMAN athletes during the event.
•        Incorporating the kids into an event, such as the harness-pull with the St. Charles Trolley.

XTREME STRONGMAN realizes that true strength and courage often rests with the kids.

Please support XTREME STRONGMAN 2006.
STRONGMEN and STRONGKIDS... a Great Combination!